Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Today on Beyond Beijing - May 25th - Is sovereign debt the new sub-prime?

Are we heading into another financial crisis triggered by government debt? Some economists think the time to act to prevent a crisis is now, others think that we've pretty much already passed that point and we should be into damage control already with governments tightening belts and introducing unpopular austerity measures. Today we ask the experts!

Xu Qinduo, Huang Ying, Chris Gelken

On Today's panel:

Huang Ying, researcher with Economic Security Research Center in China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations

Uri Dadush, senior associate and director of Carnegie’s International Economics Program

Lex Rieffel, Professor in George Washington University; Former U.S. Treasury official and author of Restructuring Sovereign Debt

For the full, frank, and fascinating panel download the MP3 file: Is sovereign debt the new sub-prime?

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