Friday, 14 May 2010

Today on Beyond Beijing - May 13th - Alternative Energy Vehicles

The Chinese government is set to release a set of measures to stimulate the research, development and production of alternative energy vehicles. China hopes to become a global leader in electric vehicle technology and production. Today asks what is the future for alternative energy vehicles - and are they really as environmentally friendly as their supporters claim?

Xu Qinduo, Klaus Paur, Chris Gelken in the Today studio

Or, are they just glorified golf carts?

We put the questions to the experts:

Klaus Paur, Regional Director Automotive North Asia of TNS Research International China

Dr. C. C. Chan, Co-Founder and President of the World Electric Vehicle Association; Fellow of Royal
Academy of Engineering, U.K; Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Download and listen to the MP3 Alternative Energy Vehicles (hour 1) for an informative and often fun analysis of the future of alternative energy cars.

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