Tuesday, 9 March 2010

'Today' March 09, 2010 - Iraq Parliamentary Election

The coalition of incumbent Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki appears to have taken an early lead in last weekend's parliamentary elections with turnout estimated at 62-percent. Optimists say the turnout reflects more stability and a brighter future, pessimists are concerned that a more engaged Sunni minority signals further problems ahead.

After a lively debate, the panel was split on whether the target of 2011 for a complete withdrawal of American troops would be met. Where are you putting your money?

Mr Rahman Muhsin - Second Secretary, Iraqi Embassy, Beijing

Stewart Stogel, UN Correspondent for Time Magazine

Gao Zugui, Director of Institute of World Political Studies, CICIR

Stephen Zunes, Professor of Politics & International Studies, Chair, Middle Eastern Studies Program, University of San Francisco

Audio: Iraq Parliamentary Election (Hour 1)

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