Wednesday, 3 February 2010

'today' January 13, 2010 - Future Society

It is not uncommon these days to read stories about sportsmen and women using steroids to enhance their performance, or of students and scholars using caffeine pills or ADD medications to give them that extra edge. But science and technology is rapidly moving beyond these essentially primitive stimulants - but how far beyond are we already, and how far should we go?

To give us the insight, we invited:

Natasha Vita-More,Theorist and new media artist, has a masters of science (MSc) , masters of philosophy (MPhil), a certified sports trainer and nutritionist, and is currently writing her PhD dissertation on radical human enhancement.

Cyrille Jegu, Accelerator of Change toward Sustainability

Max More,Strategic Philosopher,The Proactionary Project, Extropy Institute

MP3 Audio file: Future Society

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