Thursday, 11 February 2010

'Today' February 10, 2010 - Going Home

It is Spring Festival. The main festival in China's Lunar Calendar. Marked by fireworks and happy family reunions. Yes, true. It is also the time of overcrowded railway cars, horrendous queues to buy tickets, essential gifts you can't afford to buy, stress, anxiety. So why do countless millions of Chinese put themselves through it every year?

I guarantee you'll be intrigued and sometimes amused by the anecdotes of our special panel of guests.

Prof. Andrew Kipnis, Co-editor “The China Journal”, Anthropology Of Contemporary China Centre, Australian National University

Prof. Zang Yingnian, social activist

Prof. Wang Jiaxiang, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Prof. Teng Jimeng, Beijing Foreign Studies University

MP3 Audio File: Going Home

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