Friday, 5 February 2010

'Today' February 05, 2010 - Square Pegs, Round Holes?

Some college grads are reluctant to join local Chinese companies because they are wary of the established hierarchy - and think it will stifle their creativity and ambition. On the other hand, many of them don't do so well in more open Western MNCs. Why?

Take a listen to this fascinating panel discussion where our experts share our opinions on the recruitment, employment and office culture here in China. If you are doing business here in China, then this panel discussion is for you!

Jerel Bonner - Principal Owner Sharpening Axes Corporate Training Consulting

Tim Farey - Director, Asia Business Development, Apprise Software

Sam Goodman - Serial Entrepreneur and author of "Where East Eats West."

Audio MP3 file: Square pegs, round holes?

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