Saturday, 27 February 2010

A Talent to Inspire

Our latest video short for a local non profit - A Talent to Inspire has now been posted to our website

It can also be viewed (with the transcript) here on the CRIenglish website.

"CAI is a Chinese character, is three simple strokes. And it means talent, human talent. And for us, it's really something that represents how we can turn something as simple as children into something great."

"We really represent values. We want to build up children from the inside out. So human talent is really something great, and the symbol of CAI is what we want to use because it's so simple."

Judy Shen is the founder of CAI, a non-profit that works with the children of migrant workers. From humble beginnings, it has now touched the lives of an estimated 100,000 children.

"CAI actually started as a stand alone project. It started out as a summer camp, it was something that I felt compelled to do, but it was also a format where I felt by myself I could put it together. And so, it started out as a need I saw in the community. There were just so many migrant children here when I first started. I didn't really have a long-term vision in terms of making it into an organization. But as a result of our first summer camp, and the really positive input we received from volunteers and from teachers, as well as the children. We just felt compelled to continue."

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