Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Ridealist

After long thought, Shirley and I decided that our website needed a name. The simple and straightforward ‘’ didn’t quite express the message of what we wanted to say or do.

We were discussing the journal entry from last week, 'Impossible is just a word' and the fact that idealists need a fair amount of realism if they are going to survive and be effective – and the word we were looking for just came.

Ridealist [raɪˈdiəlɪst] - an idealist with a realistic view of how to make positive things happen in this severely flawed and damaged world in which we live.

We then thought it deserved its own domain, so (and .org) was registered. Initially, at least, will simply be a mirror site for, but we are working to develop both domains into separate entities.

The original will eventually begin to look more like a more commercial website, designed specifically to attract paid commissions. Ridealist, on the other hand, will continue to promote our volunteer activities.

While Shirley and I have no intention of changing our approach to voluntary services, we have to be realistic. Ultimately, the cash for repair or replacement of camera and computer hardware, for example, has to come from somewhere. In short, while we advocate sustainability, we also have to practice it.

So, if you are a for-profit or commercial enterprise – will be the site for you.

For non-profits and NGOs, reset your RSS feeds or favorites tab to – and let us help you find realistic media solutions!

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