Sunday, 15 November 2009

God's Grace Garden

Despite the bitter cold, we had an amazing Sunday out at an organic farm about an hour’s drive southwest of Beijing.

God’s Grace Garden, or GGG, is one of the first totally organic farms in China. Established in 2001 by Terese Zhang, GGG covers 150mu (about 25 acres or 10 hectares) – and not an inch is wasted!

And not an ounce of artificial fertilizer or pesticide intrudes through the walled farm that is home to a dozen cows, numerous dogs, and countless geese, chickens and ducks.

Most conventional farms are mono-culture – devoted to just one crop. At GGG, the space between rows of fruit trees is alternatively sown with corn, winter wheat, peas, cabbage and any number of other crops.

Apart from avoiding the depletion of the soil’s natural properties, the variety of crops also confuses traditional pests!

Bothersome they may be at times, Terese has a certain respect for the insects and other bugs that conventional farmers attempt to eradicate with sometimes toxic levels of pesticide.

“They are nature’s messengers,” she says, “and here at God’s Grace Garden we open their letters and read them. We try to understand what they are telling us about the environment.”

The full interview with Terese will be posted soon on our audio & video page at Ridealist.

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