Thursday, 26 November 2009

Amanda and Nigel - Free and on their way home!

While absolutely delighted with the news that friend and former colleague Amanda Lindhout has been released from 15-months of captivity in Somalia, I would like to take a very brief moment to clarify some of the misconceptions regarding my role in the affair that have been creeping into the Canadian media – in particular the print media and transcript excerpts from radio and television interviews.

It is true, that in the first couple of months of the abduction I was quite engaged – through contacts with Somali journalist Ahmed Mohammed and with the Canadian and Australian authorities.

However, my part was quite minor. Essentially I was a messenger or perhaps even an international telephone operator – trying to keep the line of communications open between the negotiators in Nairobi and Ahmed who was on the ground in Mogadishu.

He was doing all the work, and at times the situation for Ahmed was extremely challenging. He took significant risks in his efforts to bring the hostage crisis to an early end – and he often felt isolated.

Any and all credit should go to him. A family man living in exceptionally trying circumstances; he was seeking no reward other than that of being a good human being.

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