Wednesday, 17 December 2008

China This Week (Dec 14)

Is the global financial crisis being overplayed by the media? 

And are Chinese companies using the "economic turmoil" as an excuse to turn the screw on their employees?

The Beijing-based Guangming Daily thinks so.
To find out why, go to the complete article on Ohmynews International! 


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1 comment:

Lillian said...

1. A friend of mine told me that she’ll have a 40% salary cut starting January. She works in an export-oriented company in Tianjin. Maybe she’s a real victim of the global financial crisis.

2. 300 million is indeed a staggering number, but sadly, well over 70% of Chinese Internet users are youngsters wasting their time playing online games and chatting. Their contribution to the Internet is nothing but blocking the already-jammed traffic.

3. China has a long way to go before completely banning lip syncing and other forms of fakery.