Wednesday, 31 December 2008

China This Week, Dec 30

A weekly digest of the most eye-catching editorials in the Chinese media. 

Corruption has been acknowledged as a major problem in China, and Chinese newspapers are at the forefront of a national campaign to expose financial sleaze and keep government officials honest. 

For the full story, go to Ohmynews International

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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

China This Week, Dec. 24

A weekly digest of eye-catching editorials in the Chinese print media

China's editorial writers skewered smokers and poorly conceived bylaws against ill-mannered bus passengers this past week, but still had some ink left for another cautionary word on wasteful government spending.

For the full story go to Ohmynews International 

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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

China This Week (Dec 14)

Is the global financial crisis being overplayed by the media? 

And are Chinese companies using the "economic turmoil" as an excuse to turn the screw on their employees?

The Beijing-based Guangming Daily thinks so.
To find out why, go to the complete article on Ohmynews International! 


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Friday, 12 December 2008

Coming out of hibernation...

Okay, as winter descends we are supposed to slip into hibernation.. but being the contrary individual that I am, I am choosing the depth of winter to jump back into the blogging ring.

I haven't been idle. 

For the past six weeks I have been up at the crack of dawn to do the early morning news on China Radio International. 

This involves a 75 minute commute from my home in Beijing's "trendy" East End, to a godforsaken location way, way out west... 

As commutes go, this one is a positive horror story..

And at the end of it, I have to run a gauntlet of three wheel suicide merchants - Nokia N95 vid to come - before reaching the sanctuary of my office.

I expect to get back into the writing "groove" in the next couple of weeks and links to published material will be posted here.

Feel free to contact me with story ideas, things you'd like to see on the blog, or even job offers!

But do come back.

This is going to become something of a busy blog.

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