Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The last post...

Well, it has been a roller coaster ride.

Tonight, Tuesday 15th July, I hosted my last edition of Middle East Today.

After more than 130 shows interviewing some of the region's top decision and news makers, I indeed owe a debt of gratitude to my crew here in the Live Department at PressTV.

They never failed to provide me with a line-up of guests who had something to say... and some of them quite a lot!

And thanks also to my colleagues in the News Department, busily cutting packages and writing snappy introductions to stories; making sure that I was miked up and buttoned down as the intro rolled at the start of each news broadcast.

Thanks to them all.

I will miss it, and I will miss the crew, a great bunch of people.

It has been an interesting and very informative exercise.

I hope what I have learned here in Tehran - from my colleagues and my guests who joined me by satellite, phone and sometimes in the studio - can be put to good use in the future.

No single person produces a program like Middle East Today. The program host is just one cog in a very big wheel that begins to turn hours and sometimes days before the program goes to air.

It is a team effort from start to finish. And for their support, friendship and professional attitude I thank them, one and all.

I wish them all success in their future endeavors, and the success of Middle East Today - I am sure I am leaving it in good hands.

And I wish success to the hard working anchors, program hosts, graphic designers, cameramen, news writers, editors, producers, control room staff, news assistants, foreign correspondents - the list is long - but they are the people who hold the success of PressTV in their hands.

It is their talent, hard work and dedication, under sometimes trying circumstances, that creates the product you see on the screen.

It was a great pleasure to invite just a small number of them onto the set at the end of the last edition of MET.

Chris Gelken

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Amir said...

We'll miss you too Chris! It was a great experience to work with you. I learned alot from you my man and I will miss you here at Press TV.
I wish you & Sherry a great time and a happy life in China. You will remain in our hearts & minds Chris.

Lillian said...

A warm welcome back to you and Shirley!

One of Your Billions of Fans Here in China

Joobin Zarvan said...

Dear Chris,

It goes without saying that I came to know you as a co-worker only recently. But, something tells me -perhaps the few rare chats we had -I'm allowed to say this.

It's been real sad to see you leave, when you surely had a lot more yet to offer in person and profession. But, in a serendipitous way, I take this as yet another leap forward in your professional & personal life. In which case, then it's definitely for the best and that in no way is sad. In fact that makes me glad for you !!

It's a fond memory and an enduring impression that you leave behind. Something, which will be cherished by great many. Appreciate your final advice and letting me in on your thoughts. Wish you and Shirley the best in health, happiness and success in Beijing and well beyond ! Keep it lit & shining, man !!