Monday, 14 July 2008

A dirty war with no winners

PressTV's another plunge into the complicated world of the Palestinian issue. This particular edition was broadcast a few days before the Paris Summit hosted by Nicolas Sarkozy.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had warned he would sever ties and suspend negotiations with Israel unless he received assurances they would abide by UN resolutions and International Court verdicts that the so-called "apartheid wall" and settlement expansion were illegal and should cease immediately.

His statement was posted on the Palestinian Authority's official website.

Obviously, he received no such assurance.

But a few days later, there he is, in a bear hug clinch with Prime Minister Olmert and President Sarkozy - all smiles.

So is anything Abbas says to be taken seriously?

I remember remarking to my colleagues at the time - every Abbas/Olmert handshake is probably worth 10,000 votes to Hamas.

Hamas has accused the PA of assisting the Israeli security forces in their crackdown on Hamas affiliated businesses - including a girl's school - in the West Bank.

So where do we go from here?

Well, watch A Dirty War With No Winners for some insights.

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