Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Back to Iraq - are you confused yet?

PressTV takes another look at the latest developments in Iraq during a sometimes heated debate first broadcast on Tuesday, May 27th 2008.

At least once a week, Middle East Today will turn its attention to the latest developments in Iraq .

And given the chaos, confusion and uncertainty about the country’s future, there is always plenty of material.

Unfortunately, there are so many conflicting views and opinions about what or what isn’t happening there, so many accusations and denials, groups changing sides and then changing sides again. It is actually quite fair to ask, are you confused yet?

Among many issues to be addressed on this edition is the proposed Status of Forces Agreement that President George Bush hopes to seal with Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki – an agreement that top Shia cleric Seyyid Ali Al-Sistani has vowed to oppose as long as he lives.

We’ll also be looking at a major security operation against al-Qaeda in the northern city of Mosul , and asking if the group has been significantly weakened.

We are also waiting to see if the main Sunni political alliance, the Iraqi Accordance Front will make good on its pledge to return to the government of al-Maliki.

There are also reports that some Iraqi groups are now asking for a delay to the provincial elections due to be held in October.

Joining PressTV to discuss these issues were in London, Sabah Jawad, Director of Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation.

In Washintgon, the program was joined by David Pollock, Visiting Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near Near East Policy.

And from Damascus, a Middle East Today regular, political analyst Thabet Salem.

Informed sources, divergent views, and lively debate. Watch the full program here.

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