Saturday, 1 December 2007

Iran Press Watch - Ahmadinejad's Adventures

Solana says he's disappointed with Jalili meeting, and Oliver Stone wants to meet the president

Iran Daily leads with the talks between Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili and the EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana in London. The paper quoted Jalili as telling reporters that he'd assessed the meeting as positive.

However, Solana had quite a different take on things.

"I have to admit that after five hours of meetings I expected more. I am disappointed," the paper quoted Solana as telling journalists.

Jalili is likely to get a warmer reception in Moscow, despite the plunging temperatures in the Russian capital, if he decides to go there next week. Tehran Times quoted a source close to Jalili as saying "The visit is possible, but will depend on the outcome the talks between the six nuclear mediators." The six – the United States, Russia, Britain, France, China, and Germany are set to meet in Paris.

In a related story, Kayhan International, quoted Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki as saying the U.S. had failed in dealing with Iran over its nuclear issue. He said with Iran's nuclear programs now open and transparent, the United States has lost its primary excuse for military action. He said while the country needs to remain on a high state of preparedness, the possibility of military action is very low.

As the possibility of a third round of United Nations sanctions loomed larger, Iran Daily had an interesting little article suggesting that any unilateral sanctions imposed by the European Union would have little effect except to favor China. The paper quoted Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi as telling Le Figaro newspaper that EU sanctions would only serve to change trade flows. Prodi said EU sanctions would simply add to China's competitive edge.

PressTV internet edition carried a report on the efforts by a leading U.S. congressman, Edward J. Markey, who obviously isn't above a little bribery and strong arm tactics to get his way. He has been trying encourage India to cut its economic ties with Iran. He says severing links with Iran would encourage Congress to look favorably on India in talks over the country's own nuclear ambitions. PressTV quoted the congressman as saying India-Iran cooperation has been undermining Washington's efforts to isolate Tehran.

Meanwhile, the Iran Daily reports that German Ambassador to Tehran, Herbert Honsowitz has announced that German banks and firms have downsized their working ties with Iran. The paper quotes the ambassador as saying this was done under pressure from Washington.

The Ambassador says Berlin was given a stark choice, "Some 30 to 35 percent of German banks have banking ties with U.S. banks, and the U.S. government has officially declared that they should choose either working with American banks or Iranians."

In other news, Iran Daily reports that unemployment, addiction, poverty and divorce are the four worst social ills in the country. The paper said the government is expected to move to protect people in vulnerable groups from the "quadruple maladies" but apart from saying it would require national resolve, offered no details on how the problems would be addressed.

Iran Daily also looked at the problem of increasing inflation, blaming government overspending. The paper said the government downsize, avoid extravagance and observe financial regulations.

On a lighter note, Mehr News reports that Oscar winning U.S. director Oliver Stone is likely to travel to Tehran to discuss his proposal to make a biopic about President Mahmud Ahmadinejad. The news agency quoted Alireza Aaddadpur, secretary of the Islamic Society of Artists as saying, "Oliver Stone is still interested in making the film, and as I previously said, he has named the project 'Ahmadinejad's Adventures' – but to make the film he has to meet Iranian officials in person."

What an intriguing title.

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Anonymous said...

Looking through your pathetic blog it's apparent that you're nothing but a shill for Iran.

Is this so that they leave you alone or are you on their payrole?

Chris Gelken said...

Just calling it the way I see it, day by day, and individual by individual. You really have no idea. Keep reading, you might learn something useful.

Anonymous said...

I do read. That's how I came to the conclusion that you're a shill for Iran.

There's no other logical explanation.

Anonymous said...

Guess you must be feeling a little silly now, the NIE report n'll...

Anonymous said...

anon2 to anon1.. I mean YOU must be feeling a bit silly. Wow, 16 U.S. Intelligence agencies say Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program..

Anonymous said...

American intelligence agencies reversed their view about the status of Iran’s nuclear weapons program after they obtained notes last summer from the deliberations of Iranian military officials involved in the weapons development program, senior intelligence and government officials said on Wednesday.

Iranians gave them false intel on purpose and that's the basis of an entire policy decision.

Who should feel foolish, shill?

Chris Gelken said...

Hello Anon1 - good to see you are still with us. Well, you know I wouldn't start to crow too early mate. It all sounds a bit dodgy to me.
Find myself agreeing with candidate Bill Richardson who said, "The report could only mean two things: either the Bush administration has been misleading the American public about the dangers of Iran, or the U.S. intelligence community is not that smart."