Thursday, 22 November 2007

Into the Den of Spies

Former U.S. Embassy in Tehran is a window into the past

It was an odd experience to say the very least.

Walking through the main gate into the former United States Embassy in Tehran was by no means a disappointment, but faced with a very ordinary looking building (at least on the outside) it was something of an anticlimax. I don't know why, I am not really sure what I had been expecting.

Former U.S. Embassy, Tehran

Inside the main building very little of the original decoration remains. The walls have been covered with murals, posters and slogans recording the 1979 Islamic Revolution. As we walked up the stairs, immediately on the left of the entrance hall, we were surrounded by well-crafted murals, a medley of odd images of the takeover, atrocities in the Middle East and caricatures of U.S. military might.

Full story and more pictures can be found here at Ohmynews International

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