Sunday, 28 October 2007

Washington: Playing a dangerous game?

The Bush administration accused of supporting Kurdish rebels in Iraq and Iran

"I would like to say," New York based Turkish activist Eser Uzun Belding told PressTV's 'Middle East Today' on Saturday evening, "that President Bush has reiterated time over time that anybody who harbors terrorists, who supports terrorists, who feeds terrorists, who allows terrorists to operate; are my enemies. Now are the politicians in the United States getting mixed up," she asked, "seeing themselves as their own enemies?"

She was referring to the apparent contradictions in Washington's stated position regarding its War on Terror that were being raised during a discussion among experts brought together via satellite from the United States, Great Britain and Turkey.

Earlier on Saturday, the commander of U.S. forces in Northern Iraq had bluntly told journalists that he was doing nothing, and indeed had no plans to curb the activities of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) rebels operating in the area. In fact, the general said, his forces were not even monitoring the known PKK bases.

The PKK is on the State Department's list of terrorist organizations, so one would expect a robust response from the U.S. military, especially when PKK fighters were launching regular cross border attacks on Turkey , a NATO ally of the United States and a key element in Washington's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Is Washington's inaction the sort of response and attitude one would expect from a friend and an ally?

"No it isn't," said David Hungerford, an author and Iraqi analyst from New Jersey, "so that raises the question of what sort of alliance are the United States and Turkey looking at."

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