Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Turkey loses patience

There have been a number of developments since I filed this story with Ohmynews a couple of days ago...
The PKK declared a unilateral ceasefire - but it was rejected by Ankara. They said since the PKK was nothing more than a terrorist organization with no official status under international law, then they were in no position to offer or declare a ceasefire. Ankara was only interested in complete surrender. Obviously, the talking is over.
As if to prove that, Turkish jets and troops have been making incursions into Northern Iraq.. penetrating as much as 10 kilometers in some places. Not a major offensive by any means, but a possible precursor of what is to come.

Turkey losing patience

Premier Erdogan warns Ankara will 'pay any price' to crush Kurdish PKK

Turkey has warned that it is on the verge of launching military operations across its border with Northern Iraq to crush Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) rebels who are using the region as a base.

Despite calls for patience and restraint from Washington and Ankara's NATO allies in Europe, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has declared, "Whatever needs to be done will be done. We will pay any price."

With thousands of troops supported by heavy armor and helicopters poised to surge across the border on a search and destroy mission, Erdogan appears to be offering one last chance for Washington and Baghdad to eliminate the rebels, or else.

In an interview with a Turkish television news station on Friday, Erdogan indicated that rather than independent and unilateral action, Ankara was willing to mount joint operations with Baghdad. He said Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki had confirmed that if Baghdad could not resolve the issue by itself, then it would be possible for Turkey and Iraq jointly to conduct the military operations against the PKK.

Read the complete article here on Ohmynews International.

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John said...

Chris, does Tehran have ties to the PKK?

Chris Gelken said...

According to a report in Britain's Sunday Telegraph a couple of weeks ago, Kurdish guerrillas and their Iranian sister group, PEJAK, are being funded by the U.S. to wage a clandestine war in Northwestern Iran.