Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Amazing Esfahan (Isfahan)

Sometimes you just have to jump on the bus, train or plane and "get away" for a few days.

We did just that, heading down to the fabled city once referred to as "half the world" in central Iran, the city of mosques and bazaars.. Esfahan.

Magnificent mosques, spectacular bridges - the city is justifiably one of Iran's biggest tourist destinations.

It was great to get away - and not touch a computer keyboard for three whole days.

But lots of work to catch up with now, that's the penalty for slacking off I guess.

Pictures and video to come!

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Lillian said...

Whenever the word “Isfahan” is mentioned, what comes to my mind is the reactor, or nuclear energy-related issues. I had no idea it’s a tourist destination. Maybe I’ve been overly inundated with world news. Well, I can’t wait to see the pics and videos.

By the way, I signed up for the email alerts on this site a couple of weeks ago. But it doesn’t work. I haven’t got any email updates yet.

Chris Gelken said...

That is very odd. We changed the system a few weeks ago, maybe you should try signing up again and see if it works!
Thanks for your comments...