Monday, 17 September 2007

And scenes of peace...

A stroll through the tranquil gardens of the Golestan Palace in downtown Tehran will quickly dispel the gloomy mood and thoughts of war and intolerance.

Said to be the oldest of the historic monuments in Tehran, the Golestan Palace (Palace of Flowers) belongs to a group of royal buildings that were once enclosed in the mud thatched walls of Tehran's ancient citadel.

Some of the buildings and mosaics here are more than 400 years old, and extensive restoration is currently underway.

Unfortunately because of the lateness of our arrival and the renovation work many of the exhibits were closed.

But a gentle stroll through the peaceful gardens - just a few hundred meters from the bustle of Tehran's famous bazaar, was reward enough to make the trip.

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1 comment:

Lillian said...

Nice pics. May peace be with us forever.