Saturday, 11 August 2007

A new adventure

At the end of July my wife and I finally bid farewell to Seoul. The departure had been a long time in the planning - and was certainly not some last minute decision in reaction to any events that were playing out at the time.
Negotiations for the new job had been ongoing since the beginning of the year, and a final decision was made in June.
It wasn't an easy decision on many levels. First there was fact that I'd be once again changing direction - returning to television news after 20 months editing and writing for a newspaper. There was the convenience of South Korea compared to the rather more restricted and less developed environment - at least from a Western perspective - of Iran. Many of the things people in Korea take for granted are virtually unknown here.
On the other hand, Iran and the Iranians have a certain charm and openness that would be hard to find anywhere else.
Certainly, the level of English among average Tehranis is rather higher than you would find among Seoulites - and many of them take every opportunity they can to show off their skills.
Colleagues, local merchants and even taxi drivers were eager to practice their English, using it to enquire where we hailed from and how were we enjoying Tehran.
And so far, we are enjoying it just fine.
Once settled, I hope to update the blog more regularly - though probably not with tales of poorly treated English teachers alas!

Chris and Shirley (newly nicknamed Yoda because of the very impressive impersonation she gives of the diminutive Jedi Knight master from Star Wars)

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Jon Allen said...

Wow! Sounds like a pretty crazy place to go to right now, but good luck with your new adventure.

Lillian said...

For some obvious reasons, I haven’t been able to access this site for quite a while. But thankfully, I AM here today! Great to know that you are in Iran, a mysterious country to me. What TV station will you be working for? If only I could watch your shows online! Best wishes to you and Yoda!

John said...

Good luck to you and the missus Chris. I hope everything works out well for you down there.