Sunday, 22 April 2007

Gloster Valley, "Imni" FTA and Yonsei University

It has been an incredibly busy week, for obvious reasons. But there have been other stories that needed to be covered, and actually they provided a welcome relief. Not least among those other stories was the ceremony to mark the anniversary of the Battle of the Imjin River. Held at the site of the 1951 battle that pitched about 700 British soldiers against some 27,000 Chinese, the ceremony was as much a celebration of life as it was a solemn occasion to remember the fallen.

A total of 87 British veterans were in Korea for this and other ceremonies throughout the week.

It has been a very odd spring so far, with some rather unseasonal weather hitting the capital.

But rain and high winds did not deter the small band of anti-FTA protesters who gather daily in Gwanghwamun to register their displeasure with the KORUS-FTA signed on April 2nd. The smaller than usual group that gathered on Friday, chanted and sang songs despite the constant chilly drizzle.

A few days earlier on one of the few really "spring" like days, Jenny Hong of the British Embassy was kind enough to give me a guided tour of Yonsei University.

The old-English style buildings set against the cherry blossom of an Asian spring was breathtaking. Many thanks to Jenny for taking the time.

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daeguowl said...

This post just about sums up my time in Korea; two years at Yonsei on a scholarship from the British Korean War Veterans Association. It was always moving to meet up with the veterans on their annual pilgrimmage and listen to their stories of Korea during the war. And boy can they drink! They used to get back to the hotel from a day of sightseeing and hit the bars around Dongguk University and stay out until the early hours before heading out again. Put this student to shame!