Monday, 30 April 2007

Another of "those" weeks

It had been another of "those" weeks, too busy to really get anything done, if you know what I mean. The "highlight" of my week on the purely domestic scene was probably the Seoul Town Hall Meeting, which doubtless tells you a lot about how my week actually was. An applaudable and inspired initiative, but a rather less than inspired execution. I have written more, but you'll have to pick up the KH on Wednesday...

And what exactly is Anne doing with her pen? Click and enlarge the picture.

So when the weekend finally rolled around, there was the choice of stay home and do Korean language class homework and update the blog, or grab the cameras and go out and enjoy the amazing weather. No contest. But now there are hundreds of more photographs to edit and sort into galleries.

One man's music is another's noise pollution. A fact that was brought home to Todd from Phillies on Saturday afternoon.

The Haebangchon community were left scratching their heads when at about 4.30 p.m. they were asked to "turn it down a bit."

A healthy hike up Namsan on Sunday - and it does qualify as a hike if you go direct up through the forest - was another perfect excuse not to study Korean or update the blog.

Hi Seoul Festival activities were in full swing, and we caught these kids having a great time practicing their graffiti talents.

In another last ditch attempt to avoid doing Korean homework, a clean up of the photo archives threw up the following. Thanks to the fluttering flag I actually managed to get this past the "censors" and published in the KH late last year.

How this Itaewon store has managed to get away with it when I get withering looks if I even think this word is beyond me.
And the following I snapped in Beijing last year.

The "no cars" bit is easy enough to understand. But the "no exploding cars" still has me puzzled. This is Beijing after all, not Baghdad.

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1 comment:

Jon Allen said...

Do you know when the next town hall meeting is?

I've seen the photos of the event afterwards twice now, but I've not seen a pre-announcement and I'm interested to go to one.