Friday, 16 February 2007

Time to enter the blogosphere

Many years ago I used to write a daily column. Six days a week I would find myself sitting. staring at a computer screen, fingers poised over the keyboard.
Some days it was easy. Columnists can usually rely on politicians or celebrities to do something outrageous or stupid. Or both. But even they take a day off sometimes. I still had to come up with my 700 words, no matter what.
It took rigid discipline. It required dedication. Alcohol, inflexible deadlines and panic played their significant roles too. More than once, as I remember, I wrote about how impossible it is to produce 700 words when absolutely NOTHING of note has happened. Well, nothing that you would care to share with the general public anyway.
My column was mine. I could write about anything. And I did. It was about the most refreshing expression of editorial freedom a journalist can experience – and still get paid. It was heaven.
But then my flirtation with broadcast television became a full fledged love affair, and she was a jealous and demanding mistress.
I am not sure when I stopped writing opinion, or publicly venting, on a regular basis. I just remember that I missed doing it. And it was time to do something about it.
So welcome to the blog. Okay, this “gig” doesn’t pay, but on the positive side, there are no deadlines.

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